Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sit Down in Your Thinking Chair

Just got caught off-guard by a very random, very funny reference to Sir Topham Hatt, which made me want to revisit some of my own questions about kids tv:

1. How come Diego can drive a car but Dora has to hitch rides with a squirrel?

2. Where are Max & Ruby’s parents? Ruby seems to do all the cooking, cleaning and babysitting. She even gets Max to bed. And they don’t live with Grandma. Or that bunny troop leader.

3. Caillou’s hair? Hello?

4. Are we supposed to be reading into the scenes between Handy Manny and Kelly the “I’ve got every tool you’ll ever need” hardware store owner?

5. Same question as #4 except substitute Bob the Builder and Wendy. (OMG. I just realized that Handy Manny is a total Bob rip-off! With Mr. Lopart as that annoying scarecrow...)

6.Exactly how big is the Island of Sodor? Why are there so many trains and railway lines? Is Bertie the Bus the only vehicle allowed on the roads?

7. How come Austin (my favorite) isn’t always around on The Backyardigans? Are his parents divorced?

8.Forget Bert and Ernie, what’s the deal with Toot and Puddle?

9.Is Special Agent Oso, supposed to be… you know, “special?” ‘Cause that’s how it plays to this viewer.

10.Finally, how come absolutely everything (soap, clock, salt shaker, side table, mailbox) in the house can talk to Joe/Steve except for Blue?

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