Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Late Night Jay Who is Actually Funny!

I was reading Parents magazine last night (shut up! It's guilty pleasure #23) and came across a potty training story excerpted from a book by Jay Mohr.

Jay Mohr, you might recall, is an actor/comedian who is probably most famous for playing the back-stabbing sports agent who steals Tom Cruise's clients in Jerry Maguire. He also created and hosted the show Last Comic Standing on NBC (from which he subsequently got fired as host). He is also the celebrity crush of one of my friends (we all have guilty pleasures).

In the story Jay recounts how, as a first time dad, he was completely flummoxed by the whole diaper thing-- not so much the changing of them as the buying of them.

"A few times I came home with the wrong ones because I thought the baby on the package had to match the baby I had at home, like Garanimals. I would walk back and forth and mutter 'Hey, all these kids are Asian or black. Aren't there any white-baby diapers?'"

My laughing woke my husband. You can't beat a Garanimals reference.

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