Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Mother Ship

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today - not a cloud in the sky, no humidity to speak of - so naturally I went to Target for 2-1/2 hours. My brother does a fabulous impression of me going through a shop, touching everything, and discovering all these things I can't live without. He calls it 'The drifter comes to town'. Cue tumbleweed.

Target is my achilles heel. I'd like to think everyone has one store like that, a black hole of shopping ecstacy, a time vaccuum, a mother ship. For my husband it's Home Depot. He makes weekly (and sometimes biweekly) trips and even bought a large flat-bed truck to accomodate his addiction, if not our carport. The fastest way to attain silence in our house is to shout,"Im going to Home Depot. Who wants to come with me?"

At least at Target, there are refreshments (even Starbucks!). And toys. My purchases always ring up like one of those memory games where you put random thingies on a tray then cover the tray and try to remember what's on it - toilet paper, white noise clock, bathing suit, Rubik's Cube, frozen popcorn chicken, toenail clippers, giftwrap - and I've never yet made it out of there for less than $100. Good times!

By the way Target execs, if you're listening, I work on commission.

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