Thursday, May 20, 2010

After This I'll Go to Bed. Unless Someone Good is on Letterman.

Morning Me really, really hates Nighttime Me.*

*Years ago I heard a comedian (I wish I could remember who it was) doing an extended bit on this very topic and it totally stuck with me. If I had to pay the guy some kind of royalty each time the thought of “nighttime me vs. morning me” popped into my head I’d no longer have room in the budget for pricey lattes.

Morning Me has lots of things to do in a very small window of time: workout; shower; get ready; make breakfast for the kids; pack lunches; make sure the kids are dressed with teeth brushed and shoes on; find homework folders, library books, and bus notes/permission slips; and, most importantly, get to the bus stop on time.

There is not one task on that list that wouldn’t be easier, go more smoothly or be accomplished more quickly if I could just get a decent night’s sleep.

Yawn, coffee, yawn, yawn, coffee, yawn through the morning and the late afternoon and then… suddenly… I’m up. It’s like once the kids go to bed, Nighttime Me doesn’t want to miss a single minute of blissfully uninterrupted (quiet) time. Somehow, even though mere hours earlier a nap would have been like heaven on Earth, after dinner sleep loses all appeal. There's no reason for me to be up late. I’m not really doing anything important until all hours of the night— mostly just surfing the internet, watching TV, or reading. And, of course, making life harder for Morning Me.

Morning Me likes to quote my dad circa my high school years: “Six o’clock comes very early….”

Nighttime Me is blogging at 11pm.

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