Monday, April 26, 2010

That '80s Show

I was watching 'Mystic Pizza' last night - much to my husband's chagrin - and LOVING the throwback to the '80s. It took us until about half-way throught to figure out why the actress who played the pizza parlour owner looked so familiar; it's Berta from 'Two and a Half Men'! There is also a very young Vincent D'Onofrio, Anabeth Gish and SUPER-young and v. nerdy Matt Damon. What a treat. All that big hair and cracking of chewing-gum and of course the essential across-class-lines romance (Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo's Fire).

Julia Roberts was fabulous, as always. If I were in a Windows 7 commercial, during that part when they cut to the idealized memory of inventing the idea, I would be Julia. And while I'm dreaming, I'd like a pony ...

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