Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Of Course I'm Sirius. And Stop Calling Me Shirley.

Our new car (now almost two years old) came with a free six-month subscription to Sirius Satellite radio. During those six months I figured that I’d sneak in a few minutes of Howard Stern here and there while the kids were in school and that would be that. What I didn’t figure on was Channel 116—Kids Place Live.

Kids Place Live plays fun, cool music for kids by bands like They Might Be Giants and Barenaked Ladies (and leaves all the HSM/Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers stuff for Channel 115- Disney). The kids started asking for it, which meant no more Wiggles, no more Music Together cds, and—la la la hallelujah!-- no more Elmo’s Song.

The whole family quickly became hooked. We now pay for Sirius and even bought a receiver for the house.

Because I like music (and background noise), KPL is on most of the day. In the mornings we listen to Kenny Curtis and the Animal Farm, after school we catch up with Absolutely Mindy, and on the weekends we tune in to Robbie Schaefer. Each DJ has his/her own schtick and, for the most part, it works. They make us laugh. And they take requests!

The DJs—and the songs they play—have become part of our family’s shorthand. We reference bits and lyrics like they are common knowledge. Which, of course, they are not. I don’t think we know anyone who cares about satellite radio, much less Kids Place Live.

So, here we are, caught up in a whole little community that, to most people, doesn’t even exist. Like old school Snuffleupagus. Or Dragon Tales. Or Fight Club.

Oh well. In the words of Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, I gotta be me.

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