Sunday, April 11, 2010

Idiosyncracy #1043

I'm going to admit something that I'm not terribly proud of and that I can't explain. There are certain words that set my teeth on edge and make me want to smack someone, preferably the person who has just uttered them.

At the risk of setting myself up for future peeves, the list so far is as follows: 'moist', anything ending in 'ette' (moist towelettes send me into conniptions), 'blouse', 'chassis', 'penalize' and 'chipotle'.

Apart from asking for hot sauce my husband steers clear of these words - he learned the hard way - but one day he got careless and instructed our children on the subject. They, being children and more willing to take me on over such things, added these offensive words to their considerable arsenal and deploy them at every opportunity. Sometimes it's a guided missile:

Me: "If you don't clean your room, you can't have a playdate today"
Kid: "Are you going to penalize me? Hehehe."

And sometimes it's a cluster bomb:
Me: "Please set the table."
Kid: "Mommy spilled chipotle on her blouse while she was cleaning the chassis and now it's moist!" (Imagine this in a Sarah Palin/Tina Fey "I can see Russia from my house" tone of voice and you've got the picture) Grrrr.

As psychoses go, it's probably quite a tame one. And at least these are words you don't hear too often. Anyone else have a list?

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