Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Giving Back

There was no pre-school today so my daughter and I met up with some of our friends at a local park.

It was a beautiful day and, happily, for once we all had nowhere else we had to be right away so we just hung out.

At some point, my daughter and her buddies started collecting sticks and rocks and piling them on a large tree stump. They were very busy, very focused on the task at hand.

After a while one of the worker bees broke ranks for a bathroom break. Her escort, my friend, returned from the creepy park toilet and informed our little kaffe klatsch that she had been told by the children that they were making "a present for God, Santa Claus and Nature."

Which is just adorable.

Except that the child's mother, who had just arrived, misunderstood and thought that her daughter had said that about her own poop. Which is just hilarious.

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