Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring is in the hair

Today it is raining and my hair is doing its best Hermione Granger impression. Okay, let's face it, Hagrid. I am very angry about this because I recently spend a considerable amount of money having a keratin treatment designed specifically to de-frizz my hair. Harumph.

I must be a slow learner. Over the years I have tried absolutely every style and potion to tame my unmanageable tresses. As a young girl, I had the boy cut, then the pudding bowl, followed by the Sassoon, the Lady Di, the John Taylor (in orange, because I used Sun-In, although I claimed that I hadn't), the Madonna and, on one very unfortunate occasion, a mullet (skillet?). I have tried gels, mousses, leave-in conditioners, mayonnaise, and washing my hair less often.

In recent years I have kept it longish hoping that the weight would pull it into submission but it is basically the same hair, just longer. So I tried the keratin ‘miracle’ treatment. I had model hair for a day, greasy, lank hair for two days, then back to Brillo and complaining about said steel wool.

“Oh, the keratin treatment is such a misnomer!” cried one helpful eavesdropper, “What you have to do is ... (Yes? Oh yes? Oh yes? What? What? WHAT???!!!!!). Go to the salon twice a week and have it blown out.”

Oh, is THAT all?! Who has the time? I guess I'll return to my old faithful: the ponytail. Besides, a scrunchie is SO much cheaper.

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