Saturday, February 26, 2011

Phone Home

The other day I took the kids into the city on the train. The permit to park at the train station only covers one car, so, to minimize the hassles, the kids and I joined my husband and the rest of the commuters traveling on the 7:23.

Of course, actually catching the 7:23 is not without hassles. In the frenzy of waking up two extremely sound sleepers and getting them (and me) washed up, dressed, and out the door-- while also making sure that the dog went out to do her business and that I had something with me for each of the kids to eat, drink and do while on the train-- I forgot a few things. Like to put on any makeup. Or my watch. Or to grab my blackberry.

If I didn't already know that I am dependent on my phone, consider that lesson learned. I can't tell you how many times I reached for my phone before remembering I didn't have it. Not having my watch only compounded the problem-- I came thisclose to having to ask a stranger for the time.

On only one other occasion can I remember feeling the same way: when we lost power in our house. "I can't use the stove... I'll just use the microwave. Oh, wait.... That won't work.... The toaster! Oh, wait..." And then later, "The TV doesn't work but we have stuff on Tivo. Oh, wait...."

As the kids sat on the train home, happily reading their books, I again regretted having planned to return a backlog of emails over bringing my book. And then, an epiphany: I'll play Word Mole to pass the time! Oh, wait....

My next thought? I am too stupid to live! (Extra credit if you know who I'm quoting.)

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