Monday, February 7, 2011


Dana Carvey hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. I don't know if SNL was better back when Dana Carvey was on or if I just watched it more regularly but I was actually happy seeing Wayne, Garth, and the Church Lady again.

Unfortunately, not all walks down memory lane are as welcome: I find myself living inside one skit from that era every Monday afternoon (my own personal Groundhog Day) and it's like Chinese water torture.

The original bit had Chris Farley nervously interviewing or chatting with a celebrity and all of Farley's lines would begin with "Remember that time..." Like to Paul McCartney: "Remember that time you were in the Beatles? That was cool." Or to Bruce Willis: "Remember that time in Die Hard when you jumped from a building? That was cool."

In my life, it's a little girl that I carpool to and from dance class. "Remember when I climbed over the seat? That was funny." (Yes, I remember, it just happened five minutes ago.) And then, invariably, on the way home: "Remember before when I climbed over the seat? That was funny." And-- I'm not exaggerating-- it happens every week. We are always forced to reminisce about events THAT JUST TOOK PLACE. Or things that happened during last week's drive. Things that, really, weren't particularly memorable even at the time they occured.

Hey! Remember that time we played who can be the quietest both ways? That was cool.

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