Saturday, December 18, 2010

And to All a Good Night

After eagerly watching and waiting for my kids to clap, sit up, roll over, stand, walk, talk, feed themselves, give up diapers, get dressed on their own, catch a ball, throw a ball, hit a ball, wash their own hair, tie their shoes, snap, whistle, blow bubbles, read, write, and lose the training wheels, I have been completely blindsided by a milestone I hadn't even considered: last night both of my kids had their first "away" sleepovers.

And.... wow.

Success. On all fronts. Sure, my daughter ended up sleeping in her friend's mom's bed; and, okay, my son watched a wildly inappropriate Adam Sandler movie; and, yeah, they were crazy exhausted today. But-- and this is HUGE-- they both had a ball and my husband and I had a super date night that didn't end with a wallet-whomping babysitter payment.

And we got to sleep in this morning.

And they both went to bed early tonight without a hint of trouble.

A milestone to embrace. At least until we have to return the favor as hosts...

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