Tuesday, May 2, 2017

You've Been Slimed!

I have banned my youngest daughter from making or having slime in our house. And banned her. And banned her again. While the experimenter and mom-I-want-to-be in me would dearly love for my children to have absolute scientific freedom at home and everywhere else I have had to draw a line in the sand at the "at home" part of that sentiment.

The problem is twofold: the end result and the loss of ingredients.  There is slime on the ceiling of my daughter's room. There is slime all over her desk and computer.  There is slime on her beanbag, duvet cover (carefully flipped to conceal the evidence) and all over her rug (harder to flip).  The bathroom she shares with her brother is crusty and water doesn't drain from the sink.  Bath towels appear petrified.

While my main beef is the extra cleaning and laundry I've had to do, my other kids and husband are infuriated by the constant discovery of an empty shelf where their Elmer's glue/moisturizer/shaving cream/fill in the blank used to reside.  And I am the whipping post for such absences, naturally. Plus, food coloring and Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers are used for dramatic effect which means nasty stains and sinus-burning odors.

Yesterday, I found my secret glue stash (I know, right?) melting in a bowl in the microwave so Minx is grounded. Again.  I try and keep some sort of perspective and be glad she's not experimenting with pyrotechnics or sulfuric acid. And then I look at the laundry pile.

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