Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yea or Neigh?

My daughter begged me to let her take horseback riding lessons. I wasn't thrilled with the idea (or the cost) but I signed her up because I assumed that precedent would be predictive-- that within a month or two she would change her mind and start dragging her heels when it came time to go, as she had done before with hip hop, swimmming and the piano.

(Cue John Belushi:) But noooo!

Of course, THIS activity is the one she has decided to stick with. Even through the winter. She says she wants to become a professional horseback rider, build her own horse farm and teach other people how to ride. She even asked for horse cupcakes for her birthday celebration at school.

So, I tried. Now I'm thinking these "horses" may be just the thing to turn her off the real deal forever.

Is there such a thing as passsive-aggressive baking?

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