Saturday, May 21, 2011

Royal Pains in the Bum

OK, so I've been struggling for a few weeks to think of something original to write about the Royal Wedding (Yes, remember THAT news story? Where did it all go?????), something that hadn't been said five million times elsewhere. Then a very sarcastic friend of mine saw me in town and yelled out "Hey, Pippa!" to catch my attention and it hit me: Kate Mountbatten-Windsor (nee Middleton), Duchess of Cambridge yadda yadda yadda and her stunning sister Pippa have a lot to answer for.

Most British people to hit the US media - actors, musicians,politicians - are relatively unattractive in American terms. The one exception might be David Beckham (I don't count his wife because I'm not convinced she's human) but even he has awful teeth. We are a nation known for our poor dental aesthetics. Someone I worked with once threatened to come visit my husband and I in the UK and I jokingly said I wouldn't give him our address. "How hard could it be to find two people in England with good teeth?", he quipped. Humph.

But now we have Kate and Pippa, who have set the bar WAY to high, apparently without any effort at all. It's not like Diana, who never quite seemed to be of this world (in a good way, unlike Posh) because their beauty seems very accessible. By contrast, I am no longer 'not bad for a Brit'. In fact I'm quite sure that anyone who heard my "friend" calling me Pippa took one look at me and thought "as IF!"

(It was a beautiful wedding though, wasn't it? No, I wasn't invited)

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