Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NORAD, Take Me Away!

" This is Air Traffic Control Tower to K09. You are all cleared for soccer. Do you have your ball and a water bottle?"

"Negative, Air Traffic Control. I am decidedly not ready, I repeat, NOT ready."

"K09, this is Air Traffic Control, I suggest you GET ready. There is a K07 right on your tail who needs to take-off by 18:15 to preserve his on-time record for basketball. Copy?"

"Roger that, Air Traffic Control, but there is a K05 in my line of sight who has stolen my water bottle and is currently emptying it all over the kitchen floor."

"K05? ... K05? ... K05, I know you can hear me! This is Air Traffic Control. If you do not cease current activity you will got to bed tonight without refueling. Do you copy?"

"This is K05 to Air Traffic Control. You are breaking up. Over."

"Air Traffic Control to K09. We now have a ground transportation situation. Your carpool buddy has arrived and you must take-off, repeat, you must take off."

"Tower, this is K09. Catch you on the flip-side."

"Thank God ... I mean, Roger that K09! You have a return ETA of 20:00 hours. Air Traffic Control to K07, you are now cleared for take-off. K05, wheels up."

"K07 to Tower, I didn't finish my flight log and it's due tomorrow."

"K07, looks like a long night. You can do it tonight after you land and refuel."

"Air Traffic Control this is K05. What IS the fuel tonight?"

"K05, this is Air Traffic Control. You're breaking up ..."

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